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Product Care

We hope you love wearing these light weight, colourful, sustainable earrings as much as we have loved crafting them for you.


Here are some guidelines to will help keep your jewellery in top condition.

Water damage

These earrings are not waterproof. Do not wear in the shower or swimming pool.

Please be gentle when storing, keeping them out of direct sunlight and away from sharp items which could damage the surface. 

Sweat is not good for sterling silver or other metals as natural salts excreted can be damaging to metal.

Direct sunlight

A non-yellowing varnish has been used to promote longevity. Heat and extended periods of sunlight may cause the design to fade or discolour, so it's best that earrings are kept away from direct sunlight (when not wearing them that is!).


Earrings with beads and embellishments are particularly delicate and should be stored carefully to avoid damage to the earrings. 

Makeup/ Sunscreen and Perfume

Makeup and sunscreen may mark your earrings. Follow the instructions below to ‘how to clean’ your earrings. Perfume sprayed directly onto the earrings should also be avoided as the chemicals can be to harsh for the materials

Imperfections and variations

These earrings are hand crafted which may sometimes present with some imperfections. They are created from upcycled materials, which by nature are not symmetrical to begin with. Imperfections are to be expected and celebrated!

You may find a tiny air bubble or crazing on the surface, a slight misalignment with a perfect circle on an imperfect coffee pod base or notice the edge flattened slightly. We strive for perfection and only sell what passes our high standards. 

Payment Methods
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